So when Ariel later saves Prince Eric and instantly falls in love with him, we understand what’s going through her head, because to her, Eric is just the nearest available symbol of her lifelong obsession. (Also: literally the only guy she knows who has a penis.) Even when Ariel finally decides to sell her voice to Ursula, it’s only after her father destroys her collection, which means that without “Part of Your World,” the plot of The Little Mermaid simply makes no sense. # bee pollen zxt To maintain your body’s muscle mass and keep your metabolism high include some protein with each of your daily meals. This will keep the body from stripping your existing muscle for amino acids for daily functions. Supplementing with a multivitamin and an amino acid complex will further protect against losing muscle mass.
So many shots were fired that it was described, “The smoke was so thick that it was virtually impossible to see. The entire scene was chaos.” The smoke cleared and George was not lying dead on the ground as he should have been, but instead “sat upright on his horse, calm and resolute.” bee pollen zxt The doctor took one look and declared her a day or two away from blood poisoning. This girl nearly lost her foot because none of the adults taking care of her thought to sterilize her wound. Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t take blood transfusions, but I’m pretty sure they’re down with putting rubbing alcohol on a cut before it turns fucking septic.
10. MoveDid you think I would forget about exercise? Work in some movement, at least 30 minutes a day. I personally exclude housework unless it is heavy work like cutting down a tree or digging holes. I rarely, I mean rarely, do that. So I get out in the mornings and walk or ride my bike. I have worked in the gym where I workout a little harder. You can even cut your moving into segments of 10 minutes 3 times a day but I would recommend the 30 all at once to get your heartrate up for a longer period of time. Just move. You will see a difference in your body and stamina over a couple of weeks. bee pollen zxt Then in 2012, Nokia took a page out of video game developers’ handbook and released a trailer (for their newest Lumia phone) that turned out to be way better than the product itself. The ad featured Lumia’s much touted “Optical Image Stabilization” feature, which they showcased by showing a cute woman flirting with you during a bike ride. If you didn’t have OIS, she’d just be a blurry mess!