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Following a coconut oil diet is considered a healthy addition to a weight loss diet. This is albeit the fact it has higher levels of saturated fat. It is known that desiccated coconut contains about 69% coconut fat. Full coconut milk has approximately 24% fat. Approximately 50% of the fatty acids are lauric acid. Adding it as a substitute to polyunsaturated oils helps to suppress appetite, bring about weight loss, and boost metabolism. Most dietitians recommend the addition of least 3 large tablespoons of natural coconut oil, processed or in virgin form, daily. It is therefore possible to add the right fat to the diet to help one lose weight and maintain a healthy body from thereon. meizitang article 0972 As a female you will need to get into the top 5 in your division to make any good money. You must make a name for yourself by doing something unique.