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Creasy got her wake up call when she realized that she was only one size away from the largest size at Lane Byrant. She did three things: stopped drinking soda, signed up for a water aerobics class and quit eating fast food. After a while, she began walking, cycling and lifting weights. zara super slim fit v neck However, all pathogenic strains of S pyogenes have a protein called M protein, which enables them to escape from being eaten. The M protein prevents opsonization (the coating of a particle surface to facilitate engulfment by phagocytes) of the bacteria by a component of the complement cascade called C3b. This prevents formation of the enzyme C3 convertase, thus stopping the classical pathway cascade. Thankfully for us, S pyogenes isn’t completely able to avoid phagocytosis. This is because when the bacterial cell breaks apart, it releases certain components that can also activate the complement cascade. At the same time, S pyogenes releases a torrent of toxins that cause massive tissue damage. This extensive tissue damage manifests itself as necrotizing fasciitis.